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Mother’s Rights and Child Custody in Divorce in Ogden, UT

Suppose you are a mother looking to secure diligent legal representation in a divorce or child custody case. In that case, our lawyers for mother’s rights at Porter Law Firm in Ogden, UT are here to ensure you receive the support you need to obtain favorable results representing the rights and best interests of you and your child.

Mother’s Rights Attorney in Ogden, UT

Legal Rights as a Mother

Mothers have specific legal rights. In divorce proceedings, mothers must secure legal backing to handle the complex issues related to custody, visitation, child support, and beyond. Although mothers tend to be favored by the courts, there has been an increase in court-ordered joint custody and paternal rights.

Mother’s Rights Lawyer in Ogden, UT

Demonstrating Parental Abilities

As courts have begun to vouch for joint custody and paternal rights, mothers are no longer assumed the suitable choice for primary custody. This means mothers must demonstrate their parental abilities and childcare capacity in a court of law to obtain favorable results in divorce proceedings involving child custody.

Why Establishing Paternity Is Necessary

If a mother is not married to the father of their child, establishing paternity is imperative to obtain financial assistance from the child’s father. The court must establish paternity, and it is the only way for a father to be held responsible for financial help and medical insurance.

How to Establish Paternity

To establish paternity, a mother must file a court petition. The court will request that the alleged father do a blood test to determine whether he matches the child. If he is found to be the biological father, the mother has proven her legal standing and is eligible to request child support and payments for the child’s medical insurance.

How a Mother’s Rights Lawyer Can Help

When mothers face the complex experience of navigating the court system to obtain results that represent their child’s best interests, they may feel stressed and overwhelmed. Fortunately, Porter Law Firm’s lawyers for mothers’ rights are here to help. Our professionals are well-versed in multiple areas of family law.

Child Custody

Mothers looking to obtain primary custody of their children may face several hurdles, especially if the mother is a working professional and the father stays at home. Courts typically favor the parent who is the primary caretaker. Our lawyers for mother’s rights are equipped to develop a strategic plan to overcome this obstacle and achieve your custody goals.

Child Support

Under Utah law, child support is based on the amount of overnight stays a child receives with each parent. For this reason, many fathers strive for maximum visitation to avoid child support. Our lawyers for mothers’ rights will ensure you receive a fair child support agreement that represents your and your child’s needs.

Property Division

In Utah, the court will observe the length of your marriage, age, occupation, and standard of living to determine how to split assets and debts. Working with a reputable divorce attorney, such as our Porter Law Firm team, protects your financial interests in marital property division cases.

Spousal Support

Utah has several types of alimony agreements, including post-divorce and temporary alimony. In most cases, alimony will seldom be given longer than the length of the marriage. With our divorce attorneys, you can ensure a fair and favorable alimony agreement as our professionals will devise a strategic plan to ensure your rights and best interests are represented.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence with mother’s rights violations can be the primary reason for a divorce. In turn, the decisions made during the legal case, including custody, visitation, and child support, can be impacted. Mothers may pursue protective orders to ensure their safety, and our lawyers for mothers’ rights will ensure you receive the legal representation and support you need during this traumatic experience.

Schedule a Mother’s Rights Case Review With Porter Law Firm

Child custody and divorce proceedings can be tumultuous experiences. Allow the lawyers for mother’s rights at Porter Law Firm to ease some of your stress with outstanding legal services that protect your and your child’s rights and best interests. Contact us today to schedule a mother’s rights case review.

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