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Utah Paternity and Family Law

Paternity cases involve determining the biological father of a child, and they may include rigorous legal and emotional implications for the parents and the children involved. At Porter Law Firm, our experienced paternity lawyers can help you navigate the complexities of paternity law and fight for your rights, whether you are a father struggling for visitation or a mother entitled to child support.

Paternity and Family Law in Ogden, UT

Understanding Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Establishing paternity allows the father of the child certain rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities include the legal responsibility to provide financial support for the child in the form of child support. Furthermore, the father will have a legal right to visitation with the child, which can be determined by the parents or the court if the parties cannot agree.

Benefits of Paternity Rights

There are several benefits when it comes to establishing paternity, such as:

  • The child will be able to have a relationship with both of their parents
  • The child may receive medical insurance or other benefits
  • The child will have visitation with their father
  • The mother will be able to share parental responsibility
  • The child and father will be able to create a bond
  • The father will be able to participate in the child’s life

The Importance of a Paternity Attorney

While it’s simple to determine paternity, finding yourself in a paternity lawsuit is not uncommon. That’s why working with a reputable paternity attorney is essential to assist you while navigating the complex and overwhelming legal system. Our attorneys will work diligently to ensure your rights are protected and the child’s best interests are considered. Without the help of an experienced paternity attorney, you risk losing your legal rights and responsibilities as a father or your parental support if you are a mother trying to work out child support with the child’s father. However, these lasting consequences can be avoided with the help of Porter Law Firm.

The Process of Establishing Paternity in Utah

When the parties involved cannot agree on the legal father of a child, the process of establishing paternity in court begins. First, a judge will likely order a paternity test. These tests are accurate and can put to rest any questions about who the true biological father is. If the judge determines a man has legal parental rights, he is entitled to visitation or custody. However, he will also be required to support the child financially. Some cases are more complex than this, and our paternity lawyers at Porter Law Firm will help you navigate the legal code.

Choose the Paternity Attorneys at Porter Law Firm

Matters of family law can be emotional and often too intricate to handle alone. That’s why our compassionate and supportive family lawyers at Porter Law Firm strive to ease the process of paternity cases by offering support and legal assistance that keeps you protected and informed throughout the case. We work tirelessly to achieve the most beneficial outcome for you and your child.

Contact an Experienced Paternity Lawyer

If you or a loved one is battling a paternity matter, don’t do it alone. The family law attorneys of Porter Law Firm are here to facilitate the process with our expertise and representation to ensure a successful outcome for you and your child. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our family lawyers.

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