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Understanding How Adoption & Guardianship Work

Let Porter Law Firm Be Your Guide Throughout the Legal Process

The skilled family law attorneys at Porter Law Firm possess the knowledge and compassion to guide you through adoption or guardianship in Ogden, UT. Adoption and guardianship legal proceedings can be emotionally taxing, but they are among the most rewarding experiences in life for many of our clients. We understand you likely have many valid questions, concerns, and maybe even a few anxieties about the process. We also know the unique challenges facing individuals seeking adoption or guardianship, as well as how to avoid them in and out of court for the most favorable outcomes. You can count on our team to ensure you and your loved one’s needs are always adequately met. Please contact us today to request a consultation and get the legal adoption or guardianship process started. We proudly offer our legal services throughout North Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Box Elder Counties.

Adoption & Guardianship in Ogden, UT

What’s Adoption? Why Do I Need Skilled Legal Representation?

All children deserve a loving, stable home with people who will care for their needs and look out for their best interests. Adoption permanently places a child under the age of 18 with parents who are not the birth parents. There are several types of adoption, including agency-assisted, direct placement, stepparent, kinship, foster care, and international. Children may be adopted by various people, ranging from other relatives to families who have fostered them and even strangers after a careful review process. An agency-assisted adoption involves working with a licensed child-placing agency, while a direct placement adoption (also referred to as a private adoption) does not involve an adoption agency.

No matter the type of adoption, it takes a competent and thorough attorney to navigate through the process, file the appropriate paperwork, and see everything through until an adoption placement is successful. Whether you’re placing a child up for adoption or seeking to bring an adopted child into your family, Porter Law Firm is here to assist you. Our family law attorneys work closely with you and the adoption counselors to ensure the adoption process goes as smoothly as possible.

What Is Legal Guardianship?
Is It Different from Adoption?

Guardianship refers to the process of legally appointing a person to make decisions on behalf of another person. Guardianship is usually appointed when a person has been declared to be “incapacitated” by the courts due to mental or physical illness, mental deficiency, age, or chronic drug use or intoxication. It can also refer to the process of making arrangements for a child under the age of 18 to temporarily live with or have decisions made by someone other than the birth parents if they’re incapacitated. Under these circumstances, legal guardianship is similar to adoption. However, the main difference between the two is legal guardianship is usually temporary while adoption is permanent. A legal guardian is responsible for a protected person’s physical well-being, with them often being asked to make decisions concerning his or her medical care and residency.

Something called a conservatorship applies to appointing another person to look out for a protected person’s financial well-being, with them often being asked to make decisions about how his or her money is spent or invested. Whether the protected person in question is an adult or a child, it’s up to the Utah courts to decide who will make the best decisions on that person’s behalf without fear of exploitation. The guardianship process can be lengthy and complicated without skilled legal representation. Meeting with a family law attorney who is experienced with guardianships is in your best interest. You can trust Porter Law Firm to thoroughly review your situation and offer guidance on taking the right steps to protect your loved one.

Have Questions or Concerns? Contact Porter Law Firm Today!

In addition to adoption and guardianship, Porter Law Firm’s family law attorneys also specialize in divorce, child custody and support, wills, trusts & estate planning, and other legal services. Whether you live in North Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, or Box Elder County, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our compassionate, knowledgeable team. Our firm is open Monday through Friday, and you can find us conveniently located at 289 24th Street, Suite 101B, in the heart of downtown Ogden, Utah.

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