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Trust Our Legal Assistance with Wills

Porter Law Firm understands how difficult estate planning can be. We make the process more palatable with straightforward and sympathetic legal assistance for our Ogden, UT clients. Wills are recorded legal documents we draft and execute in accordance with state laws that define how you want to distribute your assets upon your death. You can also state your final wishes for other matters, such as naming guardians for your children. We follow all laws and guidelines in the process to ensure your will covers all assets and concerns, complete with witnesses and affidavits.

Legal Assistance for Last Will in Ogden, UT

Types of Wills to Consider

Whichever type of will you choose for your estate planning and final wishes, including supplementary video wills, having an official written document is the best option to ensure your instructions are followed. The type you need depends on your estate, conditions, and ultimate wishes. We specialize in various will types for our clients, such as:

Simple (Statutory) Wills

If you have a small, uncomplicated estate and simple wishes, these generic, one-size-fits-all wills are a common choice. They are easy to complete and fairly inexpensive to prepare, but few states consider them valid, and their uses are very limited.

Pour-Over Wills

People are advised to use a pour-over will in conjunction with a living trust. The primary beneficiary is the testator’s living trust, but other than that, it is like any other will. This will type controls only probate assets, so any property being poured into the trust must go through probate.

Legal Planning & Execution for Wills & Estates

Planning for the fate of your estate is an essential part of managing any assets you have. Porter Law Firm’s attorneys provide professional legal expertise to our clients who need help with trusts and estates in Ogden, UT, and the surrounding communities. We make the process simpler and legally valid to plan and disburse or dispose of your estate. This may involve trusts, designations, power of attorney, powers of appointment, and organizing beneficiaries. In some cases, people may dispute the planned distribution of assets, so mediation may be necessary to settle any arguments. Our legal experts offer all the essential services you need.

Legal Planning & Execution for Estates in Ogden, UT

Estate Services Porter Law Firm Provides

Porter Law Firm makes sure your assets get distributed as you direct, along with your last wishes. Even before you pass away, there are concerns like medical care and powers of attorney to consider. We help you with various crucial services to secure your estate and welfare, including the following:

Probate and Estate Administration

Our attorneys take care of all aspects of probate, trust, and estate administration. Through probate provisions, we will determine how to pay your debts and distribute your assets when you pass away. Non-probate transfers, such as annuities, life insurance, and trust assets, are another part of estate distribution.


Protecting your assets and your family’s future through an estate plan is a simple and affordable legal task. We start the process by drafting a trust or will paired with power of attorney. Other documents we handle include advance directives, which delegate decision-making authority to a friend or family member and express your wishes for medical care.

Serving the Estate Planning Needs of Ogden, UT

You deserve to have your assets distributed how you wish when you die. Porter Law Firm’s experience and skills with wills ensure your last wishes are honored by drafting and executing this legal document. Our services are available to clients throughout Weber and Davis Counties, so contact us to speak with an attorney when it’s time to plan for your estate’s future.

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