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Our Experience and Reputation

With a distinguished history in Ogden, UT, Porter Law Firm has earned a solid reputation as a trusted legal partner. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of local laws allow us to provide effective and personalized solutions for our clients. We take pride in our track record of successful cases and our commitment to serving the community with professionalism and integrity. At Porter Law Firm, our reputation is built on dedication, expertise, and a genuine concern for our clients’ well-being.

The Best Attorney for Guardianship in Ogden, UT

Having a trusted bankruptcy attorney by your side can make all the difference in times of financial turmoil. At Porter Law Firm in Ogden, UT, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys are here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to navigate the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings. We understand the stress and challenges you may be facing, and our goal is to help you find the best solution for your unique situation. Whether you’re considering Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or need assistance with debt relief strategies, our team is here to help. Take the first step toward financial recovery and peace of mind. Schedule a consultation today to explore your options and regain control of your financial future.

Our Services

At Porter Law Firm, we provide comprehensive legal support in these vital areas, prioritizing our clients’ needs and protecting their rights throughout each legal process. Our legal services are comprehensive. Our areas of expertise include:


Experienced guidance through divorce proceedings, ensuring a fair and equitable resolution while minimizing emotional stress.

Personal Injury

Advocating for those injured due to negligence, securing rightful compensation to aid recovery, and ensuring their rights are upheld.


Assisting clients in establishing parental rights, facilitating legal procedures for fathers, and ensuring the child's best interests.

Custody and Child Support

Expertise in matters of child custody, ensuring the well-being of children during divorce or separation, and establishing fair child support arrangements.


Skillfully negotiating alimony matters, striving for just and balanced solutions to support client’s post-divorce.


Expert guidance through bankruptcy proceedings, helping clients navigate financial challenges and regain stability.

Real Estate Planning

Strategic assistance in real estate matters, ensuring proper planning, transactions, and asset protection.

Contact Us Today

Choose Porter Law Firm for a trusted legal partner that combines experience, compassion, and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our knowledgeable attorneys specialize in various practice areas, ensuring comprehensive support for your legal needs. We prioritize communication, personalized solutions, and a client-centered approach, aiming to guide you through your legal journey with expertise and integrity. When you choose Porter Law Firm, you choose a dedicated team that genuinely cares about your rights, well-being, and achieving the results you deserve. Schedule a consultation today to take the first step toward a brighter financial outlook.

Business Address

 Porter Law Firm is conveniently located at:
707 24th Street, Ogden, Utah 84401

Feel free to visit us at this address, and our team will be ready to assist you with your legal needs.

Contact Information

If you have any legal inquiries or need expert assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Porter Law Firm during our operating hours. We’re here to help you navigate your legal needs effectively and carefully.

Call us today:

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM